Root Canals

The team at Allen Dentistry knows how painful an infected tooth can be. That is why we take extra care with our general dentistry for patients experiencing pain from tooth decay. Root canals are an essential element of dental care because when a tooth is infected, it must be treated to restore your smile. Damaged teeth are never something we want our patients to experience, but when it does, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly dental team professionals to schedule an appointment.

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Root Canal Therapy

Routine cleanings and exams alongside proper oral hygiene habits can help deter tooth decay and other oral health issues. Once the tooth decay reaches the next layer called the dentin, the tooth may become sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. As the decay continues, it will cause an infection inside the tooth’s root, also called the pulp causing pain. If left untreated, a severely infected tooth could lead to tissue damage, severe pain, or loss of the tooth altogether. A root canal is a dental treatment utilized to restore and repair a badly damaged or infected tooth. The treatment process includes removing the damaged portion of the tooth, and the inside of the tooth is then cleaned and sealed.

With the help from the experienced team at Allen Dentistry, patients can find relief in root canal therapy’s benefits. Although root canals often receive a bad reputation of being a painful experience, the pain is actually from the infection, not the procedure itself. Patients typically find that the therapy treatment itself is no more painful than a typical filling procedure to fix cavities. Contact us today or call to speak with one of our friendly team members at Allen Dentistry today for more information about root canal therapy.