When it comes to your family, you want everyone to have top oral and dental health. The best option for your family is to find a dentist that offers numerous services for family members of all ages. Many dental offices often focus on adults or children. Luckily, here at Allen Dentistry in Allen, Texas, we are a family dentist. This means we can see you and your whole family. There are countless benefits to going to one family dentistry that can take care of your smile, as well as your children’s.


Be Seen At The Same Time

You can all be seen at the same time. Life with kids is already busy, with juggling getting to work, school, and after-school activities. You shouldn’t have to also balance going to two different places for dental visits, managing bills from multiple dental practices, or trying to schedule appointments to work conveniently at two places. This is why Allen Dentistry is a great dental practice to see your whole family since we practice both adult and pediatric dentistry!


It’s convenient.

Because we are trained to care for children and adult dental, it is very convenient to visit regularly. All of your family’s dental care needs can happen in one place, and appointments can be scheduled consecutively so routine visits can happen together. This also minimizes the amount of driving and confusion that could occur if your family has to visit separate practices in order for your children to see a pediatric dentist.


We can do it all!

Visiting a kid’s dentist in Allen, TX is important for your children’s health because they focus on the development of young teeth and the oral health of children. This is why Dr. Nylanderl is passionate about family dentistry, allowing him to know how to best treat children, always in ways that make them feel comfortable and safe. While many other dental practices are unable to see children, Allen Dentistry can serve your entire family, providing convenience and amazing dentistry. In addition to your child being able to have their routine check-ups, we also offer any other dental service you or your child may need—extractions, sedation, fillings, crowns, cleanings, and more!

If you are looking for a new family dentist in Allen, Texas, look no further. We specialize in both children and adults. Let Dr. Nylander and our expert staff care for you and your family. Schedule your family appointment today.